The perpetuated falsehood in the name of World’s first canal-top solar power project.

The whole Narmada canal top solar power project with its uniqueness, power generation, water conservation and land conservation are just “castles in the air” made by Modi’s PR machinery.

World’s first over the water solar power project is in California, United States.

First and foremost, the World’s first over the water solar power project is in California, United States. It’s functioning over a pond since April 2011 (picture above and below). Thus, there is nothing original about the idea of solar panel over water nor Gujarat is first to implement that.

PETALUMA, Calif. — Solar panels have sprouted on countless rooftops, carports and fields in Northern California. Now, several start-up companies see potential for solar panels that float on water.

Already, 144 solar panels sit atop pontoons moored on a three-acre irrigation pond surrounded by vineyards in Petaluma in Sonoma County. Some 35 miles to the north, in the heart of the Napa Valley, another array of 994 solar panels covers the surface of a pond at the Far Niente Winery.

April 19, 2011, California, USA. The solar panel system at Far Niente Winery involves nearly 1,000 panels on pontoons and about 1,300 panels on adjacent land.

This is what Modi said

The entire length of SSNL canal network in Gujarat is around 19,000 kilometres and if even 10 per cent of it is used for this type of projects it could generate 2,400 MW of clean energy annually.

Media says Gujarat’s one is first in the World, but the project itself (and correctly) says that its the first in India.

Forget 2,400 MW, not even 2MW is a reality.

In last one & half year, after 1MW launched in April 2012, not a even one MW more is added. At best there are few “announcements” of Gujarat government to fund 10-20 MW, no news of any further construction as of now. Perhaps Gujarat’s bureaucracy knows; the whole thing was just a publicity stunt, why waste more money on this one.

This one is more realistic picture, rather than photo-op of unending solar panels, total length of the project is mere 750 meters. Do not miss the barbed wires at both sides at some distance, safety against theft obviously.

The 0.75 km is the total length of the existing canal top solar panels; somehow fan boys are convinced that 1,900 km (2,500 times) is being covered on war footing and try to force this lie with full rhetoric over anyone skeptical.

Just to add, the original purpose of Narmada canals, to bring water to parched lands of Gujarat (a high priority task for any Gujarat CM), as of now remains way behind schedule. Only 35% of the total 75000 km canal work is complete and in Modi’s 10 years as CM, 10,000 km is dug. Modi’s announced deadline of year 2010 for the task expired 3 years back.



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