The falsehood of riot-free and communally peaceful post 2002 Gujarat.

One of the most often heard Modi fanboy claim is that 2002 was an aberration, after that Modi ensured communal peace Gujarat after that, he should be applauded for that. Well, communally peaceful Gujarat post 2002 is a blatant lie. Post 2002, Gujarat in terms of communal disturbance is no better than pre 2002.

This belies even basic common sense, clearly when the inter-community trust reaching nadir, even a trivial incident like a motor accident can flare-up. Large scale riots happened within Vadodara in 2006 (no coincidence that next Gujarat elections were in 2007), but this time there were no Modi-protectors at Centre, so he had to fall in line. Apart from that, regular stream of incidences involving arson, stone-pelting, stabbing, lynching etc kept on happening regularly all over Gujarat – Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Dohad, Veraval etc.


Vadodara: Centre sends paramilitary help
Delhi-wary Modi calls in the army

PTI May 3, 2006, 10.23am IST
NEW DELHI: As violence did not show signs of ebbing in Vadodara, the Centre on Wednesday dispatched five companies of 500 personnel belonging to paramilitary forces to assist the Gujarat police in containing the situation.

Below are some references of incidences that keep on happening (will be many more, as not all get reported in first place and I have very limited links).

11 hurt in ‘communal’ clashes in Rajkot, A’bad
Curfew in parts of Dahod after clash
One killed in riots in Bhavnagar
26 shops gutted in Kodinar violence
Violence in Gujarat town, 3 dead
Three die in Vadodara clashes
Gomtipur violence smacks of poll agenda
Religious riots in western India leave two dead
30 people hurt in in Ahmedabad
Tension brews, violence spreads to Kalupur



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